Got Clean/Green Reliable Energy?

RealEnergy is seeking opportunities to lease space at your most power-hungry facilities to deliver ‘cleaner-than-grid’ power at a discount to grid prices.Learn More

Got Municipal Solid Waste?

RealEnergy can lease space at your existing Transfer Station to build a RealOrganic Transfer Station, diverting organic slurry to our local biogas plant locations.Learn More

Got a Wastewater Treatment Plant?

RealEnergy can lease your extra digester capacity and potentially reconfigure/build additional digestion capacity as landfill diversion goals drive more slurry.Learn More

Got Trucks and Buses?

RealEnergy can fuel your local vehicles (fleet minimum 50 CNG vehicles within 3 years) with this local renewable fuel, or push it to remote customers by injecting biogas into the existing gas pipelines.Learn More


ANatural Gas to Energy Company

RealEnergy develops gas to energy plants.  Every size and shape.  This fleet includes over 40 clean and green onsite power plants, coast to coast.

Biogas for Cogeneration and Vehicle Fuel

Onsite cogeneration plants and compressed natural gas vehicles can run on clean renewable natural gas, biogas.  This is present day gas from organic waste Рnot ancient fossil fuel, delivered through existing natural gas pipelines.

This negative carbon fuel actually cleans the air of greenhouse gas while providing renewable energy/fuel.

Capturing Organic Waste & Landfill Diversion

Mechanical/Biologic Treatment (MBT) technologies  are now extruding an organic slurry out of black-bin Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).

A RealOrganic Transfer Station™ located at an existing MSW Transfer Station, can extrude an organic slurry to be trucked to a nearby network of anaerobic digesters (private facilities and public wastewater treatment plants) for conversion to biogas.

Digesting Waste and Producing Biogas

Through anaerobic digestion, cleaning and compression, this renewable gas can serve onsite cogeneration plants and fuel natural gas vehicles, or can be injected into the public natural gas grid for remote customers (data centers, hospitals, truck fleets and utility gas power plants to meet their renewable energy goals).

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