The UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies is pleased to release the Status Review of California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard – July 2014 Issue. This periodic status review series by ITS-Davis provides updates on LCFS compliance and markets, and addresses selected special topics. This fourth report addresses the following:

Credits and deficits
Carbon intensity of fuels
Credit trading and credit prices
The Federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS2), LCFS, and U.S. biofuel imports
Special topics: Carbon prices and interactions with a cap-and-trade, key proposed amendments in re-adoption, Pacific Coast Climate and Energy Action Plan

Highlights from this issue of the Status Review include:

Excess or “net” credits continued to rise.
Reported emission reductions achieved is equivalent to annual emissions from about 900,000 cars.
Alternative fuels’ energy share increased.
Ethanol’s contribution to credits dropped below 50 percent.
U.S. foreign imports of biodiesel and renewable diesel grew
LCFS credit prices have fluctuated.

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