Through public/private partnerships RealEnergy has designed and built more onsite gas to energy facilities than any other independent power producer in North America.

To satisfy the recent convergent local demands for renewable energy, landfill diversion, low carbon transportation fuel and organic fertilizer, RealEnergy is developing several biogas networks in the Western United States.

RealEnergy is laser focused on the design and construction of cogeneration and organic waste-to-biogas energy facilities.

Energy Development History

The RealEnergy approach to biogas comes from experience as a gas to energy plant developer with dozens of plants interconnected in several states.

Once a small solar developer growing through merger and acquisition, RealEnergy has become a diversified energy developer over the last 20 years.  Renewable and non renewable facilities have included;

  • Reciprocating natural gas engines and turbines

  • Microgrids

  • Solar thermal and electric

  • Energy efficient lighting, motors, variable speed drives and chillers

Energy Development Services 

Services are designed to satisfy power buyers, fleet operators, waste authorities and sanitation district managers that are seeking;

  • Locally produced electricity at lower cost and higher reliability

  • Locally produced vehicle fuel that is cleaner, cheaper, and domestic, with a negative carbon footprint

  • Landfill diversion of organic Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

  • Opportunities to digest organic slurry to produce renewable biogas, electricity, fuel, jobs and municipal revenues

  • Methods to monetize into carbon credit, compost and liquid organic fertilizer markets

RealOrganic Transfer Stations

Located at an existing MSW transfer station, these facilities divert an extruded organic slurry from MSW to a network of anaerobic digesters located at local private and regional wastewater treatment plants.

RealBiogas Plants  

Located at an existing Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP), a RealBiogas Plant  processes organic slurry to produce biogas.  The process may include:

  • Slurry cleaning to remove any remaining grit

  • Modifying an existing anaerobic digester to take advantage of existing capacity

  • Constructing a new dedicated digester under public/private partnership

  • Gas upgrading and compression for cogeneration, vehicle fueling or gas pipeline injection

Development Drivers

  • To produce ‘cleaner than grid’ power indexed below grid prices

  • To achieve organic waste diversion (Source Separated and MSW Separated) at a transfer station or landfill

  • To deliver low carbon and carbon negative renewable fuel to our customers below their current cost of natural gas

  • To keep biosolids, nutrients and water local, eliminating thousands of long haul truck trips, and deliver a Class A liquid organic fertilizer alternative for drip irrigation systems

  • To capture pasteurized exhaust CO2 for sequestration into poured concrete and recycling into beverage grade CO2

  • To bring new local jobs and revenue streams to the communities we serve

Solid Waste/Sanitation Boards

When a waste management authority and a waste water treatment authority come together for a RealEnergy waste to renewable energy/fuel plant;

  • municipal services are powered by clean green energy

  • landfills fill slower

  • trucks clean the air of greenhouse gas as they drive

  • nutrients can move into a healthy soil cycle

  • the most inefficient buildings and data centers can become LEED certified through biogas  blend cogeneration systems.

Hospital -Hotel – Data Center – Critical Facilities

RealEnergy systems provide alternatives to being powerless in today’s volatile energy markets. With biogas blending at critical facilities, we can reduce capital cost and increase system reliability while meeting carbon and sustainability goals.

As a leader in the execution, ownership and operation of onsite power plant technologies, our clients have the opportunity to take advantage of sustainable sources of energy without the related risks.

A RealProcess

RealEnergy has deep experience in energy development, air permitting, natural gas and electric interconnections.   The development process usually takes on four significant milestones;

  • Pre-Development

    • Concept Consulting, Regional Organic Waste Characterization,  Mass/Energy Balance, Process Flow, Budget, Financial Projections, Manufacturer Performance Guarantees, Executable Agreements

  • Development

    • Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, Performance Testing

  • Operation and Maintenance

  • Financial Structures

    • Power/Fuel/Gas Purchase Agreement

    • RealOrganic Transfer Station Site Lease for Onsite Processing & Slurry Disposal Agreement

    • RealOrganic Transfer Station Purchase Agreement (cost plus, design-build, open book, lease structures)

    • Waste Water Treatment Plant Site Lease for Processing Onsite & Digestion Services Agreement

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